Orbis VR to be released in early 2024!

Lost Eagle is happy to announce, in collaboration with Tinkuy Travel and Doslados Studios, the release of a new App, Orbis VR.

This App will allow you to spin a globe and choose a variety of different tours around the world. The tours will range from places of cultural and historic interest, such as Peru’s Choquequirao and Machu Picchu, to areas of outstanding natural beauty around the world: waterfalls, canyons, rivers, beaches, forests, in all the seasons of the year.

Choquequirao, Peru’s “hidden” Machu Picchu

The New York Times recently featured an article listing Choquequirao as one of 52 world destinations to visit in 2024. This serendipitously times with the release of the App, which has Choquequirao as one of the first experiences to be released.

Choquequirao is a beautiful Incan archaeological site located deep in the heart of the Peruvian Andes Mountains in an area clothed in rainforest. Requiring a 4 day trek to get there and back, it truly fits every person’s dream of a hidden city. Being beyond the reach of most tourists, it is an absolute showcase for Virtual Reality. Now, for the first time, people can feel the true sensation of being there, without the inconvenience of trekking up and down steep mountains, speaking a foreign language, sunburn, and mosquitoes.

About Orbis VR

We use the latest 3D computer graphics technology to create a heightened sense of immersion that is unique of its kind. Every branch, twig, rock, and wall is accurately modeled in 3D, making one feel you could reach out and touch it. All the graphics in our experiences are based on real photos and videos to create the closest sensation to feeling like you could actually be there. Nothing is faked and there is no CGI. We try to capture everything that is moving to really make everything come to life.

We have a vast amount of content which will be regularly released on Orbis VR. Choquequirao is just the beginning of an amazing adventure which you will be part of. This is a quite extraordinary technology and the whole world is waiting to be photographed this way and we are so excited to show it to you. (Actually, it often keeps me up at night.)

A huge thank you to Alex, Jhonatan, Erick and William of Tinkuy Travel and Doslados Studios for the perseverance, especially during lockdown, to make this dream happen!