Our Mission & Vision

Lost Eagle's mission is to transport you to the most beautiful and remote natural locations in the world, using the latest cutting edge 3-D technologies, and make you feel connected with nature in ways which make you feel like you could actually be there.

Meet The Founder

Luke has always been looking for ways to connect more with nature. As a child he was fascinated by tracing maps of Scotland’s Western Highlands. After a brief career in the law he moved on to computer graphics engineering and found himself turning maps of places into 3-D models, creating imaginary mountains and canyons, and looking for any excuse possible to go climbing mountains and hike in New England’s beautiful countryside. It took several years for Luke to realize that what he wanted most was to map the real world.

In 2013, Luke raised Kickstarter funding to laser scan a remote and very inaccessible slot canyon in Australia’s Blue Mountains. With the help of Michael Breer’s excellent photography we put together a Virtual Canyon experience which can be seen at the New South Wales Govetts Leap Visitor Centre and which can be viewed on the Oculus Rift. 

Luke strongly believes in the power of Virtual Reality to take you closer to places than any other media. You know how when you go somewhere enormous like the Grand Canyon you say “I never thought it would be as huge as this” – well, Virtual Reality is able to capture that sense of vastness and scale that really makes you feel you could really be there.

Luke also believes that true immersion involves being able to explore places with the freedom and joy of a child, which is why Lost Eagle goes to such great lengths to model every rock and pebble down to the tiniest detail. 

Luke Farrer

Founder Of Lost Eagle

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Our Revolutionary Solution

Lost Eagle makes use of laser scanners, drones and cameras to create the most photo-realistic organic models imaginable. We use a combination of the most cutting edge techniques available today to create accurate beautiful three dimensional models. We then place photographs and video onto them to create a truly living sculpture. We then place you right inside this model, giving you the freedom to fly like a bird or walk wherever you want to go.

Imagine watching a film but having the whole film all around you and being able to go wherever you want to go.

It is no longer enough just to watch a film and do nothing. It is time to jump in and explore.

The Creation Process

A glimpse behind the curtain!



Plan + Capture

We survey the area and then spend as long as we need on location to take the best scans and photographs under the best light and weather conditions.



Edit + Optimize

Our team of modelers and game engineers then gets to work, preparing the model and optimizing it to work with the latest video game technology.



Publish + Support

We then publish and test the experience, making sure it performs smoothly, and providing support.

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How Is It Experienced?

Depending on your requirements, these experiences can be viewed either in a Virtual Reality headset or on a TV.

Vr Headset + Controls

A Virtual Reality headset provides the most powerful and immersive experience but only one person can view it at a time. The latest headset, the Oculus Quest, allows you to physically walk around. You can navigate using the controllers, and in the near future you will be able to make selections and even pick up objects using just your hands.

HD Television + Gamepad

For conferences, classrooms and more social settings a TV will be more appropriate. Although it will not have quite the same level of immersion as a VR headset, everyone will be able to view the experience at the same time. One person, such as the teacher or presenter, will control navigation using a game controller.

How To Experience Lost Eagle

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