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Although Lost Eagle Studios specializes primarily in creating outdoor natural experiences, we have worked on a number of projects outside this area. 

Virtual Reality is an amazing new phenomenon and is advancing at a really rapid pace. The Oculus Quest, for example, permits the user to physically walk around a virtual environment and explore it. A few years ago, that would have seemed like something way in the future. Now it is here for real. 

Gone are the days when people just look at film and video and aren’t expected to do anything except just stare and take it all in. We are entering a new era where people will really start to interact more with their environment, looking for things, exploring things, and learning and being educated at the same time. 

It is now possible to create a virtual museum where you place pictures and works of art from all around the world. There could be paintings from France, Italy, the United States and Russia all in one virtual art gallery, where users could walk around and admire. You could even go much closer to them than you would be allowed in real life and virtually touch them. Imagine an art gallery, for example, where all the works of Claude Monet were in one gallery and anyone with a headset could go there. They could go there right from the comfort of their sofa or bed. 

The experience below is one we did for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The exhibit has now been closed, but thanks to Virtual Reality technology there will always be a virtual version available for people to look at and explore. 


Lost Eagle Studios has a creative team that is always willing to consider exciting projects that are not based on nature. Examples might include places of historic and cultural interest, such as monuments, ancient ruins, and castles. Some of these places might even have areas that are closed off for renovation or because they are too fragile or dangerous to enter, and capturing these places in Virtual Reality would allow people access to these areas and could provide a superb addition for a Visitors Center. 

You might have a creative idea for advertising a product that could be significantly enhanced by presenting it as a VR experience and allowing the user to somehow interact with it. 

Most environments in video games are fictitious but there might be a need to recreate an actual environment in some cases, especially with the increasing demand for some games to appear more real. 

If your creativity is stimulated and you have an idea for an exciting new application for Virtual Reality, please do contact us and we will be happy to discuss its feasibility. At Lost Eagle Studios we believe anything is possible and we will do everything we can to make your project become a reality. 

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