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Pioneers Of Vr Experiences

​At Lost Eagle Studios, we create 3D immersive experiences of the natural world using EagleVision, a 3D technology that we have developed over the last five years, which truly transports the user into an environment that doesn’t just feel immersive, but can be explored too.

A Beautiful, Real Reaction


Real Reviews

Claustral Canyon is simply gorgeous – probably a 10/10 experience within its genre. I’m thankful for the devs for showing me such an awesome place that I would probably never get to see in the real world.


I couldn’t be more impressed with what this app is trying to do. There are plenty of apps that have 360 photos and 360 videos and even linked up in a tour. But the way they have combined photography, video, and the laser modelling to create an environment that you can both fly around freely, or take a really interesting guided tour, is completely unique in the store. The environment is absolutely beautiful, the pace is right, and the story is interesting. An absolute must-try. Please make more of these devs!



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