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Fly around beautiful islands, canyons, and mountains with the freedom of a bird. Hike though a beautiful cave or canyon. Feel like you are truly there.

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Imagine really feeling you are in Nature’s most beautiful places, without the inconvenience of plane travel, the noise, the crowds, or booking a hotel. Lost Eagle Studios can truly take you there.

Our mission is to connect people with nature by creating truly visceral, raw, experiences that put people right into the heart of the planet’s most dramatic and exotic landscapes: mountains, islands, caves, beaches, caves, waterfalls, canyons, and even volcanoes.

We use the most cutting edge 3-D mapping technology to create a living organic model and then we put you right inside it. Imagine creating a clay model of a beautiful canyon, wallpapering it with photographs and video and then making you really small and putting you inside that model so that you can fly around it as if you were a bird. 


At Lost Eagle we avoid traditional flat and spherical video as much as possible as we wish everything to be an accurate representation of reality. Without reproducing the actual shape of cliffs, rocks, and even the smallest pebbles and plants one loses the ability to move around them and see them from different angles and positions and this is what we live for.

Virtual Reality has now evolved to the point where you can physically walk around an environment. You can put an Oculus Quest on your head, while being inside a classroom in Africa, and explore a beautiful cliff face in the Grand Canyon or bend down and examine the petroglyphs on a solidified lava flow in Hawaii. You can explore places that might be closed off in real life or too unsafe to explore. It’s almost like you can take the actual place home with you and explore it from your sofa or bed. 

Gone are the days where you just stare at film without having to do anything: we are now in the era of truly explorable film. 

The experience of being immersed in this way is profound and sometimes shocking as everything around you becomes as huge and grand as it would be in real life. You find yourself ducking your head if you get too close to a rock. There is a rawness with our experiences which cannot be achieved by video and photos alone. You have complete freedom to fly and walk anywhere you want to go and this allows you to go to places humans could never visit in real life. The combination of size, scale, and explorability, together with accurate sound recordings of all the sounds in that space and beautiful music, creates a very special feeling: that feeling you would normally only get if you were actually there. 

Recreating this feeling is what we strive to accomplish. It’s a feeling that truly awakes your inner explorer. It brings out the child in you, and truly disconnects you from all the stresses of the modern world.


Lost Eagle can create different types of experiences based on your needs. They can be flying or ground experiences, or a combination of both. 

A typical flying experience 

A flying experience typically covers a small area, usually no more than two square miles. We would use drones to cover every square inch of that area to create a model. Having layered it with texture and video we would then typically choose special points of interest, either in the air or on the ground and create 3-D 360 videos, allowing one to stop and admire the view as it really looks like from these points. This view would not just be a spherical video: it would be a real 3-D model and you would see the world just as an eagle would see it (and eagles have very good eyes). The result is an experience where you can fly and get truly lost in nature, and stop at areas of breathtaking beauty to admire a sunset or beautiful dawn. 

typical walking experience 

A walking experience would cover a defined area, which we would map with ground cameras and video. It could be a long path, such as a canyon, or a larger area radiating from a given point. There would be total freedom to explore this area. Again, there would be ground video at certain points of interest which could involve interviews with people. Park Rangers or locals could guide you through the experience and encourage you to look for objects of geological interest. 


Different combinations of walking and flying 

Some of our customers might want to combine both flying and walking and create a truly enormous experience. Others might want something much simpler where you simply ‘hop’ from one spot to another without needing to fly or walk in between. Lost Eagle has a large variety of solutions to meet customers with different budgets. 

Whatever a customer’s budget we can come up with something for your needs, without ever compromising on quality. 


Claustral Canyon VR

"If you're not the kind of person who's been canyoning, or if you don't think it is for you, or maybe you don't have access or mobility to actually get yourself down inside the canyon, this experience is absolutely amazing. It really allows you to feel like you are right inside Claustral Canyon."

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