Real Peru VR to be released at the start of 2023

Real Peru VR 2022

Lost Eagle is hugely excited to announce a new collaboration with Doslados Studios and Tinkuy Travel in Peru.

We have named it ‘Rikuy’ which is the Quechuan word for ‘look’, as in ‘look around you’.

It is the culmination of a huge effort to image Peru’s most iconic archaeological and natural wonders.

During the pandemic, when the whole of Peru was closed off to the outside world, we saw an amazing opportunity to remotely direct a VR experience of Peru from our Boston studios with a team of photographers and videographers based in Cusco. Normally Machu Picchu and similar sites are teeming with tourists, but in 2021 it was more or less totally closed and so we had the opportunity to take all the photos and videos of the buildings without people getting in the way, which is normally a huge problem.

The language barrier and inability to be in Peru presented some unique challenges. I am glad to say we came out the other end speaking Spanish and with a wonderful first set of images of Machu Picchu and Sacsayhuaman.

As the pandemic subsided, we got to travel to Peru and meet the team in person: Alex, Jhonatan, Erick, and William. It was very strange to finally meet them in person after having worked totally remotely for over a year! We formed a great bond and quickly went to work on the next phase of the project: imaging Huayna Picchu, the fort on top of the iconic mountain behind Machu Picchu, and Choquequirao, a remote Incan site a four-day hike in the wilderness, and considered by many to be Peru’s “hidden Machu Picchu”.

Peru is also full of beautiful waterfalls, lakes, mountains, and other natural wonders. The idea to create not just a Machu Picchu experience, but an experience encompassing the whole of Peru, came during our visit. Without doubt, Machu Picchu is the pinnacle of any trip to Peru, but Peru has so much more to offer in terms of nature, culture and heritage, and we wished to present a picture of Peru that really brought everything together. We also wished to have the experience presented by people local to Cusco so that we could present a uniquely authentic experience where you really feel you are being taken on a personalized guided tour by people who were born and who grew up there.

We are honored and excited to be a part of this project and hugely excited to be releasing it next year.

Luke Farrer

Lost Eagle Studios

May 2022